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Riverstone is located in the suburb of Mernda approximately 30km north of Melbourne’s CBD.  The Mernda growth area covers around 1,700 hectares and is projected to support around 14,000 dwellings and associated community infrastructure. Mernda is also named as one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria, with 18.29% of its occupants living in rental accommodation.

Riverstone not only shares a slice of Mernda’s rich past, it is perfectly positioned close to a range of schools, universities, major shopping centres and sports facilities to afford you a happy and prosperous future. Additionally, being located in an area of natural beauty and numerous parklands.

Riverstone has successfully become a neighbourhood of independency and self-containment. This has been purposely developed by the Victorian Government, under the ‘Mernda Strategy Plan’. The Mernda plan aimed to create an interconnected set of neighbourhoods that each has a distinctive character. While providing community participation, economic development and adaptation to change over time.